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Why don’t psychedelics work on some people?


I’ve always been very sensitive too mushrooms, but my girlfriend has never experienced anything from mushrooms. She’s taken upwards of 3 grams and didn’t experience ANYTHING on multiple occasions with mushrooms from various sources.

Every time she took them; she didn’t experience anything. At the same time I’ve taken some from the same batch and had crazy trips at even lower doses than her.

What’s the mechanism at play here?

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24 thoughts on “Why don’t psychedelics work on some people?”

  1. antidepressant meds or mental resistance usually associated with deep unresolved psychological trauma or other mental conditions.

    Edit: in rare cases, overactivity of liver enzymes that brake down tryptamine. good test for this is to check if it is the same for shrooms and LSD as they are broken down by different enzymes.

  2. Now that the mystery has been solved, I must say it was very irresponsible for you guys to take a psychoactive substance without being well informed. Even more considering she is on a controlled substance already! Please, be safe out there.

  3. (if she isn’t on any medication…(

    different digestive mechanisms i think

    ayahuasca never worked on me.. guess something to do with my body absorbing something or stomach doesn’t move

    some ppl need to eat something 30-60min after they take a pill for it to kick in

    I feel like my blood wasn’t carrying the chemicals that was in the pill and when I ate something I felt something going about my body

    happenes with shrooms too.

  4. While taking a 5HT receptor antagonist could be an explanation, I have met several people that don’t get much from it.

    Not all 5HT2A receptors are identical and how tryptamines interact with the varies subtly based on ones genotype.

    I have often wondered if the people most responsive to psychedelics are also people with comparatively lower serotonin concentrations and comparatively higher receptor sites.

    I redose on DMT frequently, even going so far as to develop a DMT habit. If I am not actively trying to restrain myself I can go through a gram or more in a day. I am self medicating with it. I have pretty bad anxiety problems and depression and it instantaneously alleviates those problems.

    If I have those problems I imagine there are people whose brain handles it differently.

    That’s my two cents.

  5. I think tbag anything that ducks with your serotonin makes psychs less effective.

    In the times I’ve been on a molly or snow bender and taken a psych, they don’t work for me.

  6. Ive read that some people have a difficult time digesting raw mushrooms.

    Something about the chitin in the cell walls.

    Tekking (soaking the shrooms in citrus juice, preferably lemon or lime) can help with that. As well as allegedly making the trip more intense and shorter lived.

  7. Certain medications will block it.
    I also cannot trip on eating mushrooms because i had Gastric Bypass and so not have stomach acid to break down the shroom. I can trip off tea but it hits fast and goes away super fast.

  8. SSRIS have actually shown to have little to no effect in blunting the action of psilocybin. That is a myth that further research is proving to be untrue. Maybe try different method of delivery or a different psychedelic.

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